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Live Simply


I would write a huge review about this bag but I'll save it. I'm so pleased with this purchase that I'm only writing enough words to create a review. This bag is everything I wanted plus more. Only thing I'm going to upgrade on it is the buckles. I want metal ones that are a bit heavier duty. But that's something I'm willing to do and wasn't expecting from such a great priced bag.

Jerry Smith

I bought two of these...one for me, and one for my brother. We both love them. They are very well made military grade packs. My brother carries his everywhere we go. We did have to retie the cords on the zippers because they are only tied with a half-hitch knot that can easily come untied. The zippers are super heavy duty. There's plenty of space to store just about anything.

Allan Brayton


This thing has a lot of room,and the design is absolutely near perfect. There are strap belt sections everywhere in which you can slide objects or tools into. it has a chest and waist strap to keep it from bouncing and to keep it close,adjustable.....everything,and awesome durable build

Chris Ryan